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Friday, April 30, 2010

Josh's Bar Mitzvah - Sheraton Needham Hotel

A few weeks ago Bob from Robert Ruscansky Photography and I took a short drive to the Sheraton Hotel in Needham for Josh's Bar Mitzvah celebration. We arrived early to snap a few details before the party started.
I might mention the decorations more than once, but the guitar centerpiece with Josh's name... awesome. I want one. What a fantastic way to be welcomed to your party.
The airbrush artist painted custom T-shirts for Josh's guests based upon their individual requests. A pretty cool parting gift if you ask me.
For the guest of honor.
And then in an instant the party was in full swing...
Look at that synchronization! It's almost like the guests practiced in advance.
Josh's little sister led the blessing. She had such a great voice. It was quite possibly the cutest thing ever.
After the important stuff there was more games, more dancing, and plenty of silliness.
I'm a big fan of the green stuffed guitar, matching shades and hat.
Dad dancing with the kids...
Never forget the shutter shades. Never.
I hope you have a wonderful Friday. And don't forget your shutter shades... it's supposed to be sunny today.

- Stefanie

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