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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Cue Fanfare, It's the BIG Announcement

Five years ago my Retro Roadside Photography project was born. My camera met the Supai Motel, and I fell madly in love. There was no recovering. In the time that has passed I've devoted countless hours and miles to chasing vintage neon signs.
As I've invested more into the project my passion has grown from the mere appreciation of sign aesthetics to a desire to artistically document every vintage sign I can find. This is more than just art, it is history and Americana. This is an era that shouldn't be forgotten; this is an era I want to help preserve. It is this desire that fuels my latest project.

In late June I'll embark on a four month road trip across the United States photographing every sign possible. I'll share my progress from the road through social media and my trip blog at retroroadsidephoto.com, the new website which will be launching in the next few days.  

Also launching in the near future is the Kickstarter project I created to assist with the trip's funding. The funny thing about driving a Winnebago around the country is you have to put gas in it. Our estimated trip length of 21,000 miles means a lot of gas. Some additional funding will ultimately ensure the trip's duration and success. 

I cannot begin to express how excited I am to take this journey and share these signs with you. 

Save the signs,

- Stefanie 

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