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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

#70 and the Trevor Challege

That's right... I'm tackling #70 on my list. I'm trying to take one photo every day and post it to my blog. My friend Trevor has challenged me to try to make it all the way through Lent. We'll see how I do, but you know I love a challenge. This shot is different for me, or at least different from my usual fare. Consider it an experiment in color, light, and motion all at once. The fence was unfortunately unavoidable, but I tried to use it to add to the raw, gritty feel of the image. What I like most about this shot is that it surprised me. There are things in this shot that I couldn't see in the dark, but, given enough time, my camera could. This brought a whole new perspective to the shot, and I ran with it.

One down, at least 29 more to go!

P.S. - Image best viewed full size!

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