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Friday, October 28, 2011

Road Trip Warrior - Highway 99

These past few months I feel like I've taken road tripping from a hobby to an art form. Like anything you do repeatedly, you begin to figure out just what you need, and what can be left behind. Photography road trips are no different.

This weekend is a short trip with only one day for shooting. Bright and early Sunday I'll be traveling old Highway 99 from Stockton back home to San Diego, shooting as much as possible in one day.
I love Google Maps...
This stretch of road is filled with amazing signs and my map has the little blue markers to prove it. If I manage to photograph everything between Stockton and Visalia I'll be happy. Of course I should know by now that I am overly ambitious.

I'll leave you with a teaser from a previous trip down this same route. It'd be wrong to send you into the weekend with just a map. J's Coffee will be making an appearance in my Retro Roadside Photo shop very soon. 
Java J's
Here's to the weekend...

- Stefanie 


Geneva said...

There are a couple great signs in Merced/Atwater, but it look's like you may already have them mapped out! Let me know if you decide to stop in the area any time soon!

Stefanie said...

The Valley Motel is the only sign I've found in Atwater, but I found 13 signs in Merced. You'll have to tell me if there's any I've missed.

I'm only breezing through on Sunday, but next time I'm up there we should grab lunch!