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Monday, February 13, 2012

Motel Monday - Third Star to the Right

"Third Star to the Right" available through my Retro Roadside Photography shop
I signed up for the Disneyland Half Marathon recently and this morning it seems to be my inspiration for Motel Monday. Sometimes it's easy to decide which signs to feature, other days I wish my computer could play row sham bow to help me choose. Today Disney won.

Las Vegas is the king of neon and I'm sure they have single-handedly kept YESCO in business. For this I am obviously very grateful. The strip is full of neon that is replaced and repaired constantly. But off the strip along historic Fremont Street sit several motels and their signs. Some have been restored, some have fallen into disrepair. Some of them are long gone, and only their signs remain. One of these signs was featured in an earlier Motel Monday post.

Today is another Fremont Street friend. I have no idea how long it's been around, but the Peter Pan Motel was recently renovated and the sign was restored. The colors pop, the typeset is awesome, and Peter Pan is outlined in neon. Now if he could just teach me to fly I'd appreciate it. 
Come on, a girl can dream. Happy Monday!

- Stefanie

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