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Monday, December 19, 2011

Motel Monday - Made for Each Other

This morning's selection brings you two motel signs from Las Vegas that were literally made for each other. The first is the Holiday Motel which still an operates along South Las Vegas Boulevard. It's sign is a little bit googie, a little bit circus, and a little bit space age with amazing colors. It even sports a vintage American Express shield plastic sign.
The second is the Far East Ambassador, a motel that was demolished in 2007. The sign stands on the sidewalk along Fremont Street and used to advertise $16 rooms and packaged liquor. Now the marquee just reads closed. According to the online buzz, the sign will go to the Neon Museum, a place I happen to love. I hope the rumors are true.

These photographs were taken on two different days, and at different times, but their colors and shapes make them look like long lost siblings. Placed side by side, they literally appear to be made for each other.
Both of these Motel Monday features are in my Retro Roadside Photography shop and they are ready to ship for you last minute Christmas shoppers.

Happy almost Christmas Monday!

- Stefanie

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