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Friday, December 23, 2011

Welcome to Foodie Friday!

Motel Monday is officially more than two months old, so I've decided to add a second weekly post to my blog. Since you can't have a road trip without a room to sleep in and a diner to eat in, I've decided to dedicate the end of work week to vintage restaurant signs. Besides, who doesn't want to go into the weekend thinking about food.

In celebration of Christmas, today's feature is the Grand Canyon Chop Suey Cafe with festive green and red neon lettering. I had just eaten at the Galaxy Diner, another restaurant along Route 66 in Flagstaff before taking this shot so I didn't stop in for a bite of their famous chicken friend steak... but I hear the food is amazing. Next time I'm in Flagstaff, this place is definitely on the list. I want to see their cute diner decor.
I hope you had breakfast!

Happy Friday!


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