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Monday, December 12, 2011

Motel Monday - The Best View in Town

The beauty of road trips is that sometimes you end up in places you'd never expect. On a recent Route 66 trip I had planned on stopping in Needles, but on Friday night spontaneously decided to drive on to Kingman, Arizona. Saturday morning was warmer than expected, but the magnificent signs in Kingman were well worth being outside in the heat.

The Hill Top Motel along Route 66 was definitely one of the standouts from this trip. The bright red color doesn't hurt, but it feels like it's straight out of a Western... perfect for the cowboy in your life. And their claim that they have the best view in Kingman? Absolutely true. The view of the mountains from the parking court in front of the rooms is beautiful, and it's clear that the motel has been faithfully maintained as much as possible. If you want to know more about the Hill Top Motel, including their famous guest list, history and triva can be found on their website which includes vintage motel post cards that you won't find on eBay.
 Happy Monday!

- Stefanie


dennis schroeder said...

Thank you for the Kind words. That's an awesome photo.

Stefanie said...

Of course Dennis! And thank you.