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Monday, January 9, 2012

Motel Monday - Back from Hiatus

Now that the holidays are over, Motel Monday is back from vacation. It's running a little behind schedule today, but better late than never. 

I've been missing the warm weather lately, so naturally I opted for the Palm Motel from Ashland, Oregon for this Motel Monday. While it's true that Ashland has got to be pretty chilly this time of year, the Palm reminds me of summer. The sign sports a fun font, vintage plastic, warm color selection, and palm tree cut outs. If you think hard enough I promise you can convince yourself you're on the beach in July of 1988 singing Kokomo. "Bermuda, Bahama..."

Happy Monday, and think warm!

- Stefanie

1 comment:

Joy Light said...

I'm glad to report that Ashland is quite sunny and cold. Snow is needed for winter sports, but I'm not complaining, I'll take sunshine anytime!