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Monday, January 16, 2012

Motel Monday - Ride 'em Cowboy

The more I photograph neon signs, the more I begin to see patterns or themes. I'll be on the road and suddenly I'll realize that the sign in my view finder reminds me of that other sign I shot two weeks ago. And then this other sign down the road falls perfectly into this theme of signs that would make a perfect photo collection. And then the neurons in my brain start firing like crazy and I start cataloging every sign a can possibly remember. It's quite a fun, involuntary exercise. 

When I photographed the New Corral Motel along Route 66 in Victorville, I had one of those ah ha! moments. Suddenly there was a western theme collection building in my head. The Hilltop Motel in Kingman, the Frontier Motel in Tuscon, the Outpost Motel in Las Vegas, the Golden Spur Restaurant in Glendora, and so many more. And with the road trips I have planned this year, this collection is just going to continue to grow. 

Time to ride my horse to work. Happy Monday!

- Stefanie

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