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Friday, March 2, 2012

Foodie Friday - It's the Cheese

In the last Foodie Friday post I brought you Canter's Deli, a New York style delicatessen that's been around for more than 80 years. Today's feature isn't quite as old, but at 66 it is still a senior citizen. 

Cheese 'n Stuff Deli was established in 1949 on Central Avenue in Phoenix, Arizona. Their awesome globe shaped sign includes the tag line "From Everywhere" because the deli carries several food items from around the globe. According to their website, a truck load of goodies from New York arrives the third week of every month. So if you're jonesing for something from the city, make sure you stop by then. The site also includes a vintage photograph of Central Avenue and the Deli in all it's glory.
This part of Central Avenue doesn't look remotely the same any longer, but Cheese 'n Stuff has survived. I really wanted to eat at the deli on my trip but sadly they are closed on Sundays. So after staring longingly through the front windows, I photographed their beautiful sign and went on my way. I don't even remember what I had for lunch instead. 
If you've eaten at Cheese 'n Stuff, please send me your recommendations. I want to make sure I order something delicious the next time I'm in Phoenix.

Happy Friday!

- Stefanie

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