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Monday, March 26, 2012

Motel Monday - More for the Cowboys

I've always found the idea of a western themed motel to be a little humorous. Cowboys slept under the stars, next to campfires with their guns. There was no roof over their heads, no protection from the elements and no warm bed waiting with turn down service and a mint on their pillow. At least there wasn't in any of the western movies I've watched. 

Not withstanding the irony of a western motel aimed at Cowboys and Cowgirls alike, the theme certainly makes for great signs. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I've started to amass quiet the collection of western themed neon signs and there are more waiting on my list.  

The Silver Saddle Motel was a recent photo subject that falls under the western genre. Located in North Hollywood, the motel is small with less than 30 guest rooms and an outdoor pool typical of Southern California. According to a local, the motel used to have quite a bit of western memorabilia on the grounds but all that remains is the giant plaster horse on top of the roof. Oddly enough the horse isn't wearing a saddle, let alone a silver one. Maybe they keep it in the lobby?
Whatever happened to the saddle, I sure hope they keep the sign. It's a metal and neon classic.

Happy Monday!

- Stefanie

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