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Monday, March 12, 2012

Motel Monday - Destination Unknown

One extremely hot day last summer I was driving down Highway 99 through central California and I needed water. A car with black leather interior is a bad idea when you're in direct sun for an 8 hour drive. As soon as I see a gas station sign I take the next exit. The station is understandably packed so I opt to park in the empty dirt lot across the street. There's a building and dumpster to my left. I figured it was just an abandoned restaurant waiting for some new owners to try their luck. 

As I'm getting out of the car I notice that the building 500 feet in front of me looks oddly like a motel. To my right are remnants of an old pool that has since been fenced in. And hiding in the palm trees above me is the motel cousin of those famous Waffle House signs I have yet to photograph. 

Unlike the rest of the signs I've shot, I don't know a single thing about this motel. I don't know it's name... I couldn't find one... or if it is still operational in some way. I can't even tell anyone with any certainty where the sign is located. It's on the west side of Highway 99 next to a gas station somewhere between Stockton and San Diego. That 8 hour stretch of freeway and this photograph are all that I have. Thank goodness I was carrying my camera. 
Stay tuned for this week's Foodie Friday. I found something special for St. Patrick's Day!

- Stefanie

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