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Saturday, February 20, 2010

I Love Honey Nut Cheerios...

It's true, I do. Ask anyone. I can eat handfuls of the them for breakfast, lunch, a snack or dinner.

What else do I love? Retro packaging. I mean look at these! Can you image handmade gift tags of the characters? The Leprechaun would make a perfect St. Patrick's Day themed tag. And Bullwinkle? Don't even get me started.

This Cheerios Bee doesn't look very vintage, but when you compare him to the new packaging, there's a pretty substantial difference. I promise.

- Stefanie


Stephie said...

Scary Leprechaun. I can imagine children being afraid of the box.

Did General Mills decide to do retro packaging as a sales gimmack, or is this how cereal boxes look outside of California?

Stefanie said...

but with different designs. You should see last years packaging and the Coca Puffs Bird. I found a photograph here:

Stephie said...

This leprechaun is much less scary. And I love the Trix rabbit!!!