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Monday, May 7, 2012

Motel Monday - Awaiting Restoration

A few weeks ago I featured the Route 66 Motel of Needles, California. Ed Klein of Route 66 World is in the midst of restoring the sign and last I heard all that is missing is the new neon tubes. Our course the Route 66 is not the only motel sign in Needles in need of help. Just down Broadway street is the Sage Motel and it's sign that has certainly seen better days.

Most of the neon tubes are completely gone, the few remaining letters to spell vacancy are hanging cattywampus, and the only portion that seems to still be in place is the tip of the arrow. On the plus side, the sign is still standing and the property appeared to be in the midst of a restoration. I can't find any additional information about the property or who might be fixing it up, but I did come across this undated vintage postcard.
 The property looks much different now and is completely fenced in with a rolling gate and a decorative cement tile wall. I seem to remember a pool too, but perhaps I just imagined it.
The next time I'm in Needles I'll definitely check up on this place. Maybe I'll have more to report... 

Happy Monday!

- Stefanie

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