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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Blame the Waffle... 23 of 365

I just had a Roscoe's waffle for the first time last night and I must confess, I want more. Breakfast has been on my mind ever since. I just want a short stack of waffles... is that too much to ask?

Somehow I'm not surprised that with last night's awesome breakfast for dinner on the brain, I somehow settled on tonight's image.

The Jelly Donut is a sign I discovered on the way to another sign, someplace else. I hadn't seen it before, but definitely had to pull over and snap a few shots of the sign against that sky. The arrow really brings it together for me, and I wish it still had it's neon. The clouds don't hurt either.
Signs with arrows and desert skies...
Twenty three down, more than I can count at this hour to go. Hooray for progress and Tuesday nights.

Oh and Roscoe's, please open a restaurant in San Diego.I'll go to Hash House for my cinnamon apple pancakes, but my waffle cravings are all yours.

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