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Monday, November 4, 2013

Flagstaff, Round Two... 15 of 365

I've had the opportunity to photograph parts of Route 66 through Flagstaff just twice. The first time I somehow missed the Western Hills Motel. How you miss a neon chuck wagon and horses beyond me, but I did. Thank heavens for return trips.

The second time I was in Flagstaff I had somehow failed to recently charge my camera battery, pack a spare or bring my charger. I'm still shaking my head at myself for that one. Not wanting to miss anything, I got REALLY creative. Compose the shot with the camera off, adjust my polarizer as needed for the light, turn on the camera, fire away, turn off the camera and move on to the next sign. There was no chimping, no moments to pause and I check. I didn't review a single shot taken that day until I'd returned home after the weekend. I will never make that mistake again, but have to admit it was a bit of a fun exercise.
There are still parts of Route 66 both west and east of Flagstaff I need to see and photograph so I have a feeling the Western Hills Motel and I will meet again. But until then, I got it.

Happy Monday everyone. I'll be back tomorrow for number sixteen.

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