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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Glow Baby Glow...20 of 365

The downside of weekend road trips is having so little time to photograph so much material. Night shooting can be limited, especially if you're only in town for one night and you don't know what still lights up and what doesn't. I also prefer night shots during blue hour, when there is still color in the sky. But every once in a while I get lucky, and even if I don't have my tripod I manage to pull off a hand held shot.
Giftfair? Sounds like fun.
While visiting a friend in LA we stopped by China Town. I left my tripod in the car... I have no idea why... and went wandering. The neon in the main square is amazing and is so bright it actually made hand held shooting possible. I loved the different colors and fonts, and outlining rooftops is something that should have NEVER gone out of style. 

I hope to make another trip to LA soon, and perhaps hit up China Town a little earlier, tripod in tow. 

It's almost been three whole weeks and my project is still going strong. See you tomorrow for the 21st post in the series. 

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