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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Girls...13 of 365

The large Dancing Girls sign is another downtown LA find, within walking distance of the Orpheum and Los Angeles theatres. Old and faded, I loved the S hanging from the last tie down. But in color this image just didn't have that pop for me, the light blue and pink colors lacked oomph. The light I needed just wasn't there. 

In editing I wanted something to highlight the tubing, the rust and peeling paint. I wanted those five letters to shine. I tried to make a color edit work... I love color... but it just wasn't there. No amount of editing can replace good light. I needed contrast. I wanted to see the age of this sign, the patching with tiny nails, the fading paint. Black and white wasn't quite right either. Too flat or too dramatic, I couldn't find a middle ground. I almost moved on to another image to edit and share for the evening, and then I tried sepia. I think it's done.
Glowing red no longer
Lucky thirteen is done... see you tomorrow for fourteen of 365. I'm thinking tomorrow's post will be from San Jose...

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