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Friday, November 1, 2013

Somewhere in Stockton... 12 of 365

Another late night, another must post before going to bed moment. I am slightly more awake tonight than yesterday though. The lack of a required wake up time tomorrow morning doesn't hurt either. Thank heavens for the weekend.

Tonight's post was taken somewhere in Stockton. It was never on one of my maps, I'd never seen it and never knew it existed. But one day I got off the freeway in search of gas and there it was. I have to go back, but I think this first round portrait is worth sharing.
Target's inspiration? I think so!
Next time I need to take this from the top of a stair car and get rid of those wires. Lead wires for the sign I understand, but the rest have got to go.

See you tomorrow for the thirteenth installment. Good night!

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