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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Spin Me Right Round... 14 of 365

It's been two weeks and I seriously need to break my habit of posting so late. I know I'm a night owl but this is getting ridiculous.

Anyway, tonight's offering is from San Jose as  promised. It was taken earlier this year when the days were much longer and photography without the aid of a tripod was possible well into the evening. I was lucky enough to be palling around with my sign geek friends Josh, aka LostSanJose and his wife Mayra when they drove me to the Food Bowl. Now there are several levels of cool to this sign. First off, it says Food Bowl. Second, the top spins in a totally random fashion. Third, there are three different fonts, all in neon. Fourth, it SPINS. Obviously I was immediately smitten with the sign and spent a good amount of time snapping away looking for the best shot. In the end it was the clouds that drew me to this one, and now here it is.
It's spinning left, no wait, ...right...wait.....there it goes!
Two weeks down, fifty more to go. See you tomorrow for a pretty well known Flagstaff motel. Any guesses which one it'll be?

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